Showing at Homegrown Hamilton

This is my second opportunity to show my work at Homegrown Hamilton on King Williams St in Hamilton.

This is a good one to see in person (see details for the reason why at the bottom of this post). I take my own pictures for this online gallery and I don’t have the experience or the equipment to get a nice picture. I’m usually hitting the timer on my camera and holding up giant fluorescent lights on either side of the camera to try to minimize reflection while evenly lighting the whole piece. Since H type pencils are very light and graphite is reflective, I tend to lose a lot of detail in the picture. While hanging these pieces, I had a friend help. The comment “Wow, you really ARE good at art” was made, despite these pieces having been viewed online prior to her┬áhelp ­čśŤ

I hung my work from oldest to most recent, so you get an opportunity to view the progression in my skill while I explored the mediums of 3H pencil and pencil crayon.

Also, here’s the deal you get for reading this blog post:
If you buy a piece of art from this show, I’ll give you 10% back in cash.
Additionally, I’ll let you buy ANY other piece(s) of my art (website included) for 50% off!
Just get in touch with me after you make your purchase ( and we’ll get things going. Bonus smile if you tell me that I really AM good at art ­čśŤ

The showing will be until October 11, 2015.