Courtney #1

So I’ve been able to complete one of the studies for a larger painting featuring Courtney.  My first step after the initial planning stages was to get the background filled in and then pencil in the areas that I’ll be painting.


After some SUPER SECRET PAINTING TECHNIQUES (I forgot to take pictures), the painting is ready to be stretched.


I learned how to stretch a canvas in university and it has saved me money over the years and also allows me to stretch a canvas to my desired tightness (I like it tight).  Typically, I’ll stretch a canvas before priming and painting it so it will dry stretched, but when dealing with such small canvases, there’s no real worry about mounting it unevenly.


There you have it, study #1 finished!

2016 Courtney #1, Acrylic, 8 x 20, 72 dpi, 1000 wide

I decided to try my new style tweak first because, well, I was excited at how it might turn out.  I haven’t decided how I like it because I always have to take a day or two away from the work before I can stand to look at it again.  On to study #2…