Courtney #2

I completed the alternate piece to the first painting of Courtney.  courtney B double rough copy

I did the bottom idea first and really enjoyed the outcome.  It’s currently on display in the “Front of the Class” teacher art show at the Oakville Townhall.  In fact, I’m writing this post between the end of my workday and the beginning of the Opening Reception.  I’m sure I’ll see all of you there clamouring to buy my art 😉

For the second painting I started with the intent to do my usual technique of creating the illusion of depth by fading the shapes from yellow to green to blue.  When I got to this stage I stopped:


I didn’t feel that the end product would look good with my usual technique.  I tried one of the shapes and didn’t like it.  No time for pictures as acrylic dries fast and I had to wipe it off before it set.

I hearkened back to a painting I did over a decade ago.  Very similar composition and similar number of shapes.


The last place I saw this piece was at the Arta Gallery in the Distillery District.  It was my first time exhibiting in a gallery and this was the first piece that was sold to someone I didn’t personally know.  What a great feeling!  You always remember your first stranger 😉

As a side-note to a tangent: I ended up breaking even on the show back then.  The percentage of the sale that I received just barely covered the cost of the rental of the space and the wine and cheese for the opening reception.  I won’t mention the cost of driving to Toronto a few times for set-up, reception and tear-down.  Life lesson:  don’t buy the good stuff for a group showing because the friends and family of the other artists will drink all of your wine and eat all of your food instead of their friend’s.

It all came out positive because lots of friends and family, including Vladimir Kondratenko (great guy and great coach!), visited from long distances to support my artwork.

Anyway, I thought that my current piece would benefit more from a similar colour pattern.  I planned it out on photoshop and went through a variety of colour placements before I came up with this:

colour planning

It has four different hues ranging from yellow-green to cobalt blue.  I managed to balance each hue throughout the composition using the “rule of odd numbers” and by toning down the yellow so it wasn’t not too bright.

Happy with the new plan, I slapped some paint down (very carefully and with control) on the canvas and planned on doing a second coat to be sure to cover all the blue of the background and get a nice, flat area of each colour.  Instead, I noticed the texture created by putting a light, semi-transparent layer of paint over a flat, dark colour.  I liked this textural component to my piece and decided to keep it (click for more detail).

2016 Courtney #2, acrylic, 8 x 20, 72 dpi 1000 wide - better picture

Worst case scenario, I can paint another layer to get that flat, graphic look.

A quick stretch of the canvas and a wire for hanging and there you have it: Courtney #2.